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Meat products sourced directly from the best abattoirs

Our most popular products – including our Chef’s Exclusive® Black Angus Beef – available in custom packaging or industry standard. Get next-day delivery of the quantities you need:

    • Top beef grades, purchased in bulk directly from the world’s best beef producers, prepared and packaged to your needs. We specialize in multiple programs to help you find what suits you best.

      Meet cuts beef

    • Complete line of pork cuts and offals. Always selected from top-tier government-inspected producers. Always packaged to meet industry standards and your exact requirements.

      Meet cuts pork

    • Highest-quality grain and milk-fed veal products and gourmet cuts, including zero-waste individual serving sizes, ready to go from freezer to plate in no time.

      Meet cuts veal

    • Fresh and frozen lamb sourced from reputable abattoirs in Canada, New Zealand, Australia & overseas.

      Meet cuts lamb

    • Whole broilers, roasters and Cornish hens in a wide range of sizes. Packaged chicken parts in commercial quantities.

      Meet cuts poultry

    • Ready-to-cook whole turkeys and the most popular turkey cuts to meet a growing consumer demand.

      Meet cuts turkey

    • Bison, ostrich, horse, kangaroo or any other type of desired meat. Sourced, prepared, packaged & distributed to your exact specs.

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Our philosophy is to offer our valued customers a one-stop facility for the best quality meat products at the best possible prices, delivered promptly.Ronnie & Micheal Cons


Exclusive products

The finest gourmet-quality milk-fed veal in individual portions. Cryovac® packaged for longer shelf life. High-quality veal that goes from oven to table in just minutes – with no fuss and no waste.

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